With reference to the Solo Declaration No 3, concerning promotion the utilization of the capacity of the Regional Centre for Knowledge and Learning Network for Community Empowerment in Housing and Urban Development at existing centres in Indonesia and encourage other countries to take similar initiatives in order to strengthen APMCHUD’s role as hub for knowledge in sustainable urbanization, the Government of The Republic of Indonesia established the Regional Center for Community Empowerment on Housing and Urban Development (RC-CEHUD).

The center is an entity which bond to the system of housing and settlements research and development, and perform as an interface for the meeting of national and Asia-pacific regional hub.

RC-CEHUD attached at the Research Institute for Human Settlements, one of the research and development institutions under the Agency for Research and Development, Ministry of Public Works, Government of Indonesia. The institute which located in Bandung, was established in 1953 as the Building Research Institute for Hot and Humid Areas in 1953, supported under the United Nations Escap. In 1976, the institute was changed as the Directorate for Building Research, under the Directorate of Human Settlements, Department of Public Works. In 1985, it became the Research Institute for Human Settlements under the Agency for Research and Development, Ministry of Public Works., focusing on research and development of housing and spatial planning, building materials, structure and construction, water supply and sanitation.

The RC-CEHUD was launched in Denpasar-Bali, November 7, 2010, by HE Mr. Suharso Monoarfa, Minister for Housing, and HE Mr. Dr. Hermanto Dardak, Vice Minister for Public Works, during the celebration of World Town Planning Day 2010

The center is supported by assorted institutions, including Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Public Works, Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare, and Habitat Indonesia National Secretariat.