Upcoming Program

  1. Discussions/Workshops and Field Observation on Best Practices of community empowerment in Indonesia and APMCHUD member countries, in line with the 5 working groups:
    • WG 1 Urban and Rural Planning and Managemen
    • WG 2 Upgrading of Slum and Informal Settlements
    • WG 3 Delivery of MGDs for Water and Sanitation
    • WG 4 Financing Sustainable Housing
    • WG 5 Urban Development with a Focus on Natural Disasters
  2. Preparation of Technical Discussion for the formulation of RC-CEHUD ROADMAP and annual program;
  3. The Implementation plan of the community empowerment training in the provision of housing by the KOICA (in discussion);
  4. Data contribution and Information Delivery to the member of APMCHUD through RC-CEHUD website;
  5. Changes of Expertise in line with the 5 working groups.