PNPM MANDIRI (National Program for Poverty Reduction)

PNPM Mandiri is a national program for poverty reduction mainly based on community empowerment. The definition is contained about PNPM Mandiri is:

  1. The PNPM Madiri is a national program in the form as a basic policy framework and reference implementation for poverty reduction programs based on community empowerment. The PNPM Mandiri is implemented through the harmonization and development of systems and mechanisms and procedures of the program, providing assistance and funding stimulant to encourage initiatives and community innovation in sustainable poverty reduction efforts.
  2. Community empowerment is an attempt to create / enhance the capacity of communities, both individually or in groups, in solving various problems related to improve the quality of life, independence and welfare. Community empowerment requires a large involvement of the local government and various stakeholders to provide opportunities and ensure the sustainability of outcomes.

Meanwhile the purpose to be achieved in the implementation of The PNPM Mandiri program are:

  1. General Purpose
    Increasing the welfare and the poor employment opportunities autonomously.
  2. Specific Purposes:
    • Increasing participation of all community , including the poor, women’s groups, indigenous communities and other community groups who susceptible and often marginalized in decision-making process and management development.
    • Increasing the capacity of community institutions, representative and accountable.
    • Increasing capacity of government in providing services to especially the poor through policies, programs and budgeting pro-poor (pro-poor)
    • Increasing synergy between communities, local governments, private sector, associations, universities, nongovernmental organizations, community organizations and other concerned groups to make effective efforts for poverty reduction.
    • Increasing the existence and independence of and local government capacity and local concerned groups in tackling poverty in the region.
    • Increasing social capital community which develops appropriate with social and cultural potential, and to preserve local wisdom.
    • Increasing innovation and the use of appropriate technology, information and communication in community empowering.

The Approaches

Approaches or rational efforts in achieving the program’s purposes by considering the principles of management program is based on the development with:

  • Using the district as a locus program to harmonize the planning, implementation and controlling program.
  • Positioning the community as a determinant / decision makers and the the main development actors at the local level.
  • Focusing on universal values and the local culture in the process of participatory development.
  • Using a community empowerment approach in accordance with the characteristics of social, cultural and the geographical.
  • Through a process of empowerment for learning, independence and the sustainability.

The Scope of program

The scope of activities of PNPM-MANDIRI basically opened to all poverty reduction activities which proposed and agreed upon society, including:

  • The provision and improvement of infrastructure / facilities of settlements enviroment, social and labor-intensive economic activities.
  • Provision of financial resources through revolving funds and micro-credit to develop the economic activities of poor communities. Greater attention is given to women to take advantage of this revolving fund.
  • Events related to improving the quality of human resources, mainly aimed at to accelerate the achievement the MDGs.
  • Increasing capacity of communities and local government through critical awareness, business skills training, organizational management and finance, as well as the implementation of good governance.